Boys & Men of Color
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United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County

Shannon Read with man at annual job seminar

Boys & Men of Color

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At United Way, we understand the inequities experienced by boys and men of color are a direct result of the systemic racism that has been woven into the fabric of American society over several generations. Due to the injustices that plague communities of color, barriers to opportunities, resources, and access prohibit boys and men of color from achieving the levels of successful they are more than capable of realizing.

This initiative is focused on opening new doors, removing unforeseen barriers, and to guiding individuals with a strong focus on short-term wins and long-term success. By working together with partners ready to do the hard work: community-based organizations, youth and adult residents, law enforcement, education and health system leaders, and faith-based advocates. Collectively, these partners are building opportunity, access, and resources.


The Work

Men’s Job Seminar & Workshops

Annually, United Way and ManpowerGroup host the “Success Starts Here” job seminar. This seminar is designed for men searching for employment and working to enhance their professional image. Attendees of this one-day event are invited to workshops that focus on specific topics, as well as access a virtual employment library.

Financial Empowerment

We know it is important to give everyone the tools to be financially stable. In 2021, United Way collaborated once again on “The Stock Market Game," which supports area youth as they learn about building wealth and investing in the stock market. In addition, United Way partners with the Social Development Council to provide FREE tax preparation.


Young Men United

United Way is proud to be part of the national expansion of the successful MKE Fellows program, in partnership with MKE Fellows and United Way Worldwide. The goal is to support 25,000 young men of color, particularly young Black men, to successfully complete college over the next 10 years. Young Men United seeks to develop groups of young men who are not only well-educated, but who provide servant leadership that will be emulated by others.


To learn more and get involved in this work, contact Nicole Angresano at email.