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Over the past year the partners, Ascension Wisconsin, Office of Violence Prevention, Sherman Park Community Association, and United Way, of BUILD Health Challenge Sherman Park have been quite busy.  The COVID-19 pandemic offered an opportunity to serve the immediate needs of the Historic Sherman Park community.  Efforts went to providing items such as face masks, hand sanitizer, and other items to meet the basic needs of the residents.  In response to the economic crisis many have and are facing, BUILD Sherman Park was also able to provide $100 gift cards to nearly 75 families at the end of 2020.  Even small things matter.  BUILD is now preparing to focus on the future, welcoming our BUILD Health Challenge Sherman Park Community Council.

BUILD Health Sherman Park has partnered with Ubuntu Research and Evaluation to present, "BUILDing the Beloved Community in Sherman Park".  A 9-part workshop series focusing on the four precursors of systems change: knowledge, capacity, community, relationships.  During this series Ubuntu's education team will take youth, residents, and stakeholders on a journey that leads to a community growing together and uplifting itself.  Ubuntu will facilitate each beloved community aspect and provide touchpoints for adult community members and youth members to develop shared language and foster critical conversations around community engagement. The topics for the beloved community aspects are as follows: 


  • Radical Openness: involves purposefully and actively questioning one’s biases, preconceptions, and/or habitual response tendencies to build community.
  • Love: view as action and the means by which we will gain collective liberation. 
  • Seeking Reconciliation: moving beyond embracing conflict to looking for opportunities to resolve conflict that has existed. 
  • Forgiveness: accepting acts of accountability and restoration after someone has caused you harm.
  • Struggle with Fear: fear separates us, immobilizes. Beloved community calls us to face our fears as obstacles of understanding and growth.
  • Moving Towards Liberation: Building community requires intentional acts of inclusion and equity for all.
  • Redeeming Qualities: In order to embrace conflict and seek reconciliation, one must believe that their neighbors or those they are in conflict with are worthy to be in community with.
  • Embracing Conflict: There will always be conflict, but it is how we lean into the conflict and learn from it that determines the strength and longevity of the community.
  • Equanimity: maintaining a calm mind when being challenged with building a beloved community.

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