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Lead Safe Home Kits

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Paint, water, and soil are the most common ways that people are exposed to lead. Children six years old and younger are most susceptible to the negative effects of lead. Lead can affect every organ and system in the body and lead to behavior and learning problems, anemia, slowed growth, hearing problems, and hyperactivity. The most severe cases of lead poisoning can cause seizures, coma, and death. Keys to addressing lead poisoning within our community include increased screening, education, and lead abatement within the home including lead paint, soil mitigation, and drinking safe, filtered water. Community members can help reduce the risks of lead in their own homes when more intensive lead mitigation strategies are unavailable or delayed. Our Lead Safe Home Kits provide tools and educational materials to help! 

City of Milwaukee residents seeking Lead Safe Kits can learn more on the City of Milwaukee Health Department Lead Safe Kit website and complete their Water Filter/Lead Safe Kit Questionnaire to determine eligibility.


Nonprofits working with individuals and families in Milwaukee County may complete the form below for Lead Safe Home Kit distribution. United Way will purchase and deliver kit supplies directly to the organization for community-based distribution.

Each organization applying must answer “yes” to the following items to be eligible

  • Organization serves Milwaukee County residents
  • Organization is a nonprofit
  • Organization commits to distributing lead-free home kits within three months of award receipt and provide a short impact report within four months of award receipt. The impact report can be viewed here.

Lead Safe Home Kits will include the following items: water filter pitcher specifically designed to filter out lead, minimum of 2 extra filters, plastic garbage bags, gloves, masks, duct tape, Swiffer wet/dry mop kit, and lead safety educational materials.  You may add additional materials and/or include these materials with other distributed items (food boxes, for example).

Lead Safe Home Kit Interest Form Timeline

October 24, 2022 – Interest form opens

November 4, 2022 – Interest form closes at 4:30pm

November 14, 2022 – Interested organizations notified of next steps

Interest Form

The Lead Safe Home Kit Interest Form is no longer available.


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