Education: Clare
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Education: Clare

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Clare is a proud, lifelong Girl Scout.  

In first grade, Clare joined her elementary school’s Girl Scout Troop. She loved getting to play with other girls her age, sell cookies, and go to Girl Scout camp.  

>“Girl Scouts taught me to be more confident,” said Clare. “As a kid I was very shy. Being in Girl Scouts built my confidence to step up and say, ‘follow me!’” 

As she grew, Clare remained active in Girl Scouts, progressively taking on more leadership roles. As a junior in high school, Clare and three other Scouts decided to complete a project to earn their Silver Award.   

ClareInspired by the work of a fellow Girl Scouts mom, a nurse at a local hospital, Clare and her teammates developed a project called “Girl Scouts Help to Stop the Bleed.” The project focused on educating community members on what to do when someone is experiencing uncontrolled bleeding. The team created a kit with materials for people to practice on, including prosthetic legs they built themselves. 

Clare and her teammates travelled to local schools and community centers to hold education sessions. At the end of the project, Clare and her teammates donated the materials they had created to Froedtert Hospital.  

Donations to United Way’s Community Fund support the Leadership & Critical Life Skills Development for Girls program at Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast. Last year, more than 70,000 local young people received support through United Way-funded Youth Development programs. 

Her experience in Girl Scouts has had a tremendous impact on Clare. Clare & Christy Brown

“When I first met Clare in 9th grade, I don’t remember her speaking up at all,” said Christy Brown, President & CEO of Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast. “Last year Clare was one of the keynote speakers at our annual fundraiser!” 

Now a senior in high school, Clare is looking forward to a bright future. She is working on her Girl Scouts Gold Award, which will focus on teaching young kids how to reduce food waste. She hopes to attend the University of Wisconsin – Madison to study business and marketing.  

“Most Girl Scouts, from little Daisys to girls of Clare’s age, understand the goal is to make the world a better place,” said Christy Brown. “Clare is what we want all girl scouts to grow up to be – leaders in our community.” 

“There’s so much you can learn through Girl Scouts that you cannot get through other organizations,” said Clare. “It’s the Girl Scouts experience!”  


When you give to United Way, you're not just making a donation. You're changing a life. Clare and Girl Scouts remind us all that, to live better, we must Live United.