Education: St. Joseph Academy
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Letter to St. Joseph Academy

Education: St. Joseph Academy

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"The first time I had to drop Joaquin off with someone other than his grandparents, he was 7 weeks old. I was terrified but I had to go back to work.  

Over time, St. Joseph Academy became a place where we felt comfortable. I knew my baby was being cared for, but most importantly, loved.

St Joseph Academy Letter

Through our time at St. Joseph Academy, we’ve seen a lot of changes. During his early years we experienced a pandemic, a break-up, and navigating single parenting and job changes. I know how critical consistency and routine is for a child (and myself) during these big life changes and our school was that for us.  

Joaquin knew, when he walked through that door, that no matter what was happening in the world, that he could expect to eat breakfast when he got there, play outside with his friends, take a nap on his mat in his spot.

St. Joseph Academy Letter

When I think about what St. Joseph Academy means to us, I think about the way Joaquin walks into the building. How he smiles and confidently says hi to everyone in the building. I think of the times where a teacher encouraged me as a parent, his infant room teachers encouraging me to try finger foods for the first time, or his two-year-old room teachers encouraging me to go-for-it with potty-training.   

I’ll be honest, we have tried to leave a few times, but we continue to feel like St. Joseph Academy is home. It has continued to provide us consistency, reliability, and comfort."

Letter to St. Joseph Academy


When you give to United Way, you're not just making a donation. You're changing a life. Susie, Joaquin, and St. Joseph Academy remind us that to live better, we must Live United.