Safe & Stable Homes: Sasha
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Safe & Stable Homes: Sasha

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Sasha knew it was time to ask for help.   

In January of 2021, Sasha’s fiancé, Kevin, passed away suddenly. Sasha and her two children were devastated. “I never imagined my life would take this turn,” said Sasha. 

At the same time, Sasha began to worry about how she would pay her mortgage. Kevin had been the primary breadwinner since Sasha lost her job in 2018. She knew she would need a little bit of help while she took time to grieve with her family and heal enough to begin looking for work. 

Sasha searched “help with house payments” online, but the first organization required that she already be behind on her payments to qualify for support. Then, Sasha found Family Promise of Waukesha County.  

With a mission of helping families experiencing homelessness and housing instability, Family Promise of Waukesha County is a critical resource in our community. Your donations to United Way’s Safe & Stable Homes initiative helps Family Promise keep dozens of families from experiencing homelessness each year. 

“United Way has provided funding to Family Promise to prevent family homelessness,” said Family Promise Executive Director Joe Nettesheim. “Prevention is best for all involved. Children do not have to change schools and have their routine interrupted. Parents don’t have to completely start over. Families can avoid the chaos of homelessness.”  

Family Promise connected Sasha with the funds she needed to cover three months of mortgage payments. Then, when she experienced car trouble, they helped her cover a portion of the repair bill.  

This bridge of support allowed Sasha a critical break from the stress of worrying about money. During this time, Sasha could be with her children, take time to grieve, and start to think about her next step.  

“I usually don’t ask for help, but I was in a predicament,” said Sasha. “Family Promise was so compassionate; I was very taken aback and so appreciative.”  

Today, Sasha and her family are on their healing journey, but they still have difficult days. With a job she enjoys that allows her the flexibility to see her children off to school at different times, Sasha feels a little more stable.   

“We have a roof over our heads, and I can get to my job,” said Sasha. “I can’t thank Family Promise enough.”  

When you give to United Way, you're not just making a donation. You're changing a life. Sasha and Family Promise of Waukesha County remind us all that, to live better, we must Live United.