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When Tony started working as a waiter at The Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee 29 years ago, he needed a good daycare center for his toddler Candace. 

“My wife called around and found Neighborhood House of Milwaukee. It was very affordable, and it was connected to United Way,” Tony said. They were both impressed with the quality of care their daughter received. “The teachers were great. They had so many activities for us to go to as a family, like Friday night roller-skating. They provided daily meals, and I really think it helped develop Candace socially.”

Ever since, Tony has been donating to United Way’s Community Fund because he knew it was the most efficient and powerful way to invest in his community. He appreciates how his donation to the Community Fund not only goes to the need that everyone is aware of, but also to those less obvious, like high quality child care. 

“For many years Tony gave to United Way because he trusted us,” said Nicole Angresano, VP of Community Impact at United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County.” Then it turns out his daughter Candace was a recipient of program services through the Neighborhood House and that his dollars actually directly impacted his family.”

While attending Early Childhood Services at Neighborhood House, Candace was featured  on the cover of United Way’s 1989 Annual Report. “When they asked us if Candace could be in it we were excited. We said, sure!” In addition to the report, Candace’s photo was featured on a general brochure and a few billboards throughout the community.

Today, Candace is a healthy and happy mother to her own 1-year-old daughter Ali. She is grateful to her parents and United Way. “When you’re young, you don’t really realize what’s going on with bills, but when I got older and became a parent myself, I finally realized, wow my parents did so much for me,” Candace said.

Thanks to Tony’s loyalty and continued support of United Way’s Community Fund, other families across the four-county region are able to benefit from United Way–funded programs. “United Way is a great organization and helps those who really need it. I have a great job at a great company and I’m happy I can give back, which is why I give to the Community Fund. They’ve helped us grow as a family,” Tony said.

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