Neu-Life Community Resource Center
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United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County

Neu-Life Community Resource Center

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Agency Program Partner, Health, Racial Equity Fund
Building Organizational Capacity, Healthy Youth Program

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Building Organizational Capacity: Neu-Life Community Development was created to empower youth in Milwaukee’s most distressed zip codes for young people of color with skills and strategies to make their best life choices. It is their belief and philosophy that basic foundations of personal accountability, responsibility and respect for life can be rebuilt. Neu-Life's mission is to give youth the skills and strategies to make their best life choices and encourage avoidance of crime, drugs, and other risky behaviors. Neu-Life's short-term goals are to 1.) Increase opportunities for Neu-Life youth to have exposure to workforce development areas they are not normally exposed to or experience.2.) Continue to increase the number of staff who are program alumni. Currently at 64%. And 3.) Increase opportunities and experiences for all Neu-Life youth to access opportunities they may not have access to during normal school time or with their family. These experiences will be both educational and fun. Multi-year funding will allow Neu-Life to continue to offer high quality, youth-driven set of programs focused on providing a foundation of stability and a unique opportunity positioning youth to become successful young adults, while successfully plan for long-term engagement withing the organization. (Racial Equity Fund)

Healthy Youth Program: Provides teen pregnancy prevention programing and human trafficking prevention programming in several schools and in after-school settings. (Health)

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2014 W. North Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53205