Impact in Waukesha County
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United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County

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Impact in Waukesha County

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Change doesn’t happen alone. United Way corporate partners, individual donors, and local programs all fight together for lasting change in our community.

United Way fights...

...for urgent needs being met. Since March 2020, United Way has invested over $320,000 in COVID-19 urgent needs fund grants and supplies to help Waukesha County residents.

...for literacy. Since 2017, over 46,000 books have been distributed to children in the School District of Waukesha through Build My Bookshelf. An average of 1,345 students per year have received books.

...for families facing economic challenges. Last year, 1,746 individuals were helped through United Way funded VITA program at La Casa de Esperanza.

...for young people to have what they need to start school. Since 2015, 17,479 backpacks stuffed with school supplies have been distributed to Waukesha County students through the United Way-led Backpack Coalition.

...for increased student achievement. Since 2016, United Way’s Helping Kids Succeed initiative has impacted nearly 2,000 students annually in the School District of Waukesha by increasing student achievement, enhancing family stability, and improving community engagement. In 2021-2022 United Way will expand our investment in the School District of Waukesha through our Partnership Schools pilot initiative.

...for families experiencing homelessness. Last year, United Way’s Safe & Stable Homes initiative served over 160 Waukesha County children and their parents.

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Impact by the Numbers

In 2019-20, health care, mental health, and housing programs were the most utilized United Way-funded programing by Waukesha County residents.



individuals and families.


Together, we did some amazing things in Waukesha County:

  • Our community is healthier. Last year, 8,609 youth and adults had increased access to health care programs, health and wellness services, and safer and healthier communities.
  • More youth are succeeding in school. Last year,13,185 children or their parents/caregivers received support for early childhood education, youth development, and services for children and families.
  • More families are achieving financial stability. Last year, 4,406 adults and families benefited from programs that reduced barriers to employment and provided safe and stable home


Community Coalitions, Collaborations, & Partnerships

United Way staff actively participate in the following groups in Waukesha County:

Anti-Trafficking Coalition of Waukesha County, Emergency Food & Shelter Board Waukesha, Funders Together to End Homelessness Community of Practice, Housing Action Coalition of Waukesha County, IMPACT Connect - Board of Managers, Partners of Change, Waukesha County Breastfeeding Coalition, Waukesha County Business Alliance - Education Steering Committee, Waukesha Heroin Task Force