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United for Waukesha Community Fund

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Thank you to everyone who made a donation to the United for Waukesha Community Fund. We are no longer accepting donations through the United Way website.

If you are interested in donating, or need more information about the fund, please visit the Waukesha County Community Foundation website.

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We know that there are many in our Waukesha Community and beyond impacted by the trauma of this event.

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Why is WCCF and United Way doing this?

When the tragedy occurred, so many people reached out to us and asked how they could help. That’s when the partnership was formed with United Way and the Waukesha County Community Foundation.

Is WCCF keeping part of this donation?

One hundred percent of funds given will go directly to the United for Waukesha Community Fund housed at Waukesha County Community Foundation. There are no fees taken off, except for Credit Card processing. (However, 90% of donors are covering that expense.)

How will this money be distributed?

The fund is be administered by the Waukesha County Community Foundation, in partnership with the United for Waukesha Community Fund Committee.

The payments from the United for Waukesha Community Fund are being apportioned in accordance with the severity of the injury to the victims arising from the tragedy in downtown Waukesha, Wisconsin on November 21, 2021. The immediate priorities are families who lost a loved one, and those persons who have received in-patient care.

The committee has developed a protocol for the distribution of financial assistance to those most seriously affected by the Waukesha Christmas Parade tragedy.

There are three unique application forms:

  • The first is for families who have lost a loved one.
  • The second is a universal form for those who sustained physical injury, for those who were physically present at the Waukesha Christmas Parade, or an individual that was a first responder or other medical professional treating victims.
  • There is also a form for area nonprofits serving the affected community.

A single claim form should be submitted for each eligible claimant. The committee has made these forms as simple as possible, so as not to over-burden family members and survivors. Individuals can request a personal call or meeting to discuss details, if needed.

The protocol, claim forms, and additional details are available on the WCCF website

Copies may also be requested by emailing the Fund Administrators at info@waukeshafoundation.org.

Claim forms should be completed and submitted to the fund administrator no later than February 28, 2022.

What is the process for distributing funds? Will it be invasive for the families?

We will be transparent with the process for distributing funds. The process will include representation from the Mayor’s office, County Executive’s office, United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County, Waukesha County Community Foundation, School District of Waukesha, as well as trusted community leaders.

In order to be good stewards of the donations, there will be a simple verification process. However, our goal is to get funds into the hands of the right people as quickly as we can while protecting them and our donors from fraud or other harm.

Are a lot of people giving to the fund?

We have seen donations from all 50 states in the US and 17 countries. People are looking to help and support. We are proud to be part of the healing process for our community.