Community Schools High School Highlights
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Community Schools High School Highlights

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May 31, 2022

The Milwaukee Community Schools Partnership (MCSP) is a collective strategy to transform schools into a place where students, families, staff, and the surrounding community can work together to ensure every student is successful. There are currently 15 Milwaukee Community Schools with more added each year.

Community School high schools wrapped up the year on May 26. It was a year of learning and adjustment for everyone as schools returned in person. Community Schools never stopped working on creating memorable experiences for students, families, staff, and community throughout the year. Look back at just some of the amazing things that took place at MSCP high schools this year. 

Youth Council Trips to Marquette 
Each Community School has a youth council made up of student leaders to practice local organizing, advocacy, and engagement. During the 2021-22 school year, youth council students from all five Community School High Schools gathered throughout the year at Marquette University. They were able to share school experiences, learn about selecting colleges, and build tools to use their voice for change in their schools and communities.  

North Division Etiquette Dining 
North Division High School students did not just learn about etiquette this year, they practiced it. Students were given the opportunity to go to Capital Grill for lunch and practice formal etiquette at the table. Students dressed in formal attire and were coached on formal etiquette throughout their entire trip and meal.  

JMAC and Washington NAF Academy Students Visit Kohler 
Students from James Madison Academic Campus and Washington High School got to experience a trip to Kohler, Wisconsin. They spent a full day learning about all the different work and careers available at companies like Kohler. After lunch students were able to meet in small groups with professionals working in their area of interest to learn more about what it takes to do the job.  

Bradley Tech Partners with Art Start 
Art Start hosted their Spring Salon at Bradley Tech High School, where students participating in their Emerging Artists program were able to highlight and present their works to receive feedback and support from mentors within different arts industries. Partnership like the one between Art Start and the students of Bradley Tech are a key Community Schools strategy, providing tools for strong and meaningful relationships to form and prosper. 

Washington Activity Days 
Washington High School students and staff were given a chance to step back and have some relationship building time doing shared activities. Throughout the year staff and students spent time together playing board games, having friendly staff versus student basketball games, and receiving extra academic support.  

JMAC Breaking Bread with MPS Board Members 
JMAC Youth Council students understand the importance of relationships and connecting with community leaders. They invited MPS Board Members to join them for lunch and broke (corn)bread with the school board. The JMAC youth council discussed their concerns with food in schools. 

South Division Celebrates Biliteracy  
South Division High School students got a chance to show off their multicultural and bilingual talents this year. Students shared cultural dances with a statewide audience at the Wisconsin Association Bilingual Education conference. Then on May 16, they held a special celebration recognizing 21 students graduating with the Seal of Biliteracy. 

These are just a few of the incredible things that happened this year. Join us in celebrating the end of the year and stay tuned for more updates when school starts again in August.  

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