Fifth Cohort of Racial Equity Fund Investments Announced
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United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County

Fifth Cohort of Racial Equity Fund Investments Announced

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February 15, 2024

It affects everyone when a social system is out of balance, but people of color feel the impact most severely. Racial equity works to eliminate racial disparities and improve outcomes for everyone.

At United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County, we believe in racial equity. We believe in building a community that offers access, resources, and the opportunity for long-term success. The Racial Equity Fund is focused on a commitment to deepen our impact as funders, partners, and conveners, especially as related to racial equity and social justice.

The goal of the Racial Equity Fund is to invest in Black- and Brown-led organizations to increase organizational capacity. Funding decisions were made in partnership with the Racial Equity Fund Advisory Committee.

In 2022, we funded our first cohort of Black- and Brown-led organizations to build organizational capacity as a part of our commitment to dismantle systemic inequities in our community. Today, we have successfully completed our goal of funding $7.5 million to five cohorts of Black- and Brown-led organizations.


Here are the agencies who will receive the final round of investments:

African American Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin

The mission of the African American Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin, Inc. (AACCWI) is to champion the growth and sustainability of African American owned businesses by providing access to capital, education and advocacy through capacity building and strategic partnerships. Their vision states that economic vibrancy permeates African American families and communities because of strong businesses, an educated workforce, and limitless opportunities in entrepreneurship or the workplace. This mission and vision come to fruition through programs and initiatives such as: 

  • Access to Capital: The Revolving Loan Fund 
  • Education: The RISE MKE Program 
  • Capacity Building: SPUR Intensive Workshop Series

Carvd N Stone

Carvd N Stone’s mission is to transform the negative narrative surrounding Black, Brown, and P.O.C. communities by championing positive news reporting and positive business branding, thereby fostering a more accurate and empowering image. Their vision is to empower and educate the next generation of Black, Brown, and P.O.C. media to be a part of the solution, which starts with training, supporting, and funding future journalists. Carvd N Stone’s commitment to changing the narrative of Black, Brown, and P.O.C. individuals involves sourcing talent from within the community to produce positive local and national news.

CORE/El Centro, Inc.

CORE El Centro’s mission is to enhance the health and wellness of the community by offering integrative natural health services focused on empowerment, healing, safety, and reducing barriers to access. They envision individuals and families realizing and maintaining a natural state of health and wholeness through healing and wellness services that respect the unique wisdom of each person and community. CORE is the only culturally specific agency in Milwaukee that offers one-on-one health navigation, health and wellness education, and trauma-specific healing modalities such as acupuncture, massage, craniosacral therapy, yoga therapy, meditation, dance, nutrition, and gardening.

Data You Can Use

Data You Can Use (DYCU) is an independent nonprofit created in 2016 to serve Milwaukee nonprofits and local funders in using data to address community problems and build community solutions. Their mission is to advance community access to data and the tools, skills, and experience needed to drive informed, equitable decision-making in Milwaukee and beyond. They are guided by the following principles:

  • A commitment to Milwaukee’s neighborhoods, particularly Black and Brown communities
  • A belief in the critical function of a data intermediary
  • Respect for residents’ knowledge and expertise
  • To bring the best of a national data network to Milwaukee and vice versa

Lassid Ministries DBA Convergence Resource Center

Convergence Resource Center strives to be a beacon for women and provides support services for women rebuilding their lives after trauma with an emphasis on human trafficking survivors and justice-involved women. They work with the realization that the families of individuals with the lived experience of human trafficking need more than material support. They also provide an avenue for men to take a visible stand against human trafficking. Convergence values collaboration and provides training, education, awareness, and partnership to the community at large.

Midtown Neighborhood Alliance Incorporated

The mission of MNA is to advance the well-being, unity, and development of Midtown’s residents and community. Their vision is a neighborhood where all residents take pride in their community, work together toward common goals, and take responsibility for their actions, while holding one another accountable for the care of shared space, for the promotion of shared growth, and for the prioritization of community safety. Their values include building community, strengthening relationships, celebrating home, mutual support between neighbors, self-determination and leadership, and investing in Black and Brown community. Their goals include:

  • Reducing Crime
  • Increasing Property Values
  • Increasing Economic Vitality
  • Improving Quality of Life

Milwaukee Community Land Trust

The Milwaukee Community Land Trust (MCLT) builds strong families and communities through affordable homeownership forever, using a proven community land trust model. The MCLT is a powerful, permanent solution for people who have historically been excluded from homeownership, and addresses the problems of neighborhood instability, gentrification, and displacement through shared ownership and permanent affordability of homes. Their vision is that all families have access to affordable home ownership and the stability and wealth-building opportunities it provides. MCLT’s goal is to bring 40 first-time homeowners into the Milwaukee Community Land Trust by 2025.

Nia Imani Family Inc.

Since 1994 Nia Imani Family’s (NIF) mission has been to provide young (18-25), pregnant, or first-time mothers who are experiencing homelessness with safe, orderly housing in a family-like setting where they can come to terms with and manage childhood trauma, learn critical life skills, accountability, self-examination, goal setting and parenting. NIF programs have evolved over the decades to better meet the changing conditions and practical needs of the community. NIF meets long-term housing needs for mothers with low income. Mothers at NIF are required to engage in independent living and family management education programming, and given the structure, stability, and safe, healthy environment they need to learn effectively.

Serenity Inns

Serenity Inns aims to create a world where individuals willing to commit to their recovery can access the support they need. Their mission is to empower men who are struggling with substance use disorder by offering a comprehensive treatment program focused on compassion, healing, and personal growth. Serenity Inns fosters a caring community that encourages accountability and provides guidance on the journey to recovery. Serenity’s vision is for everyone pursuing recovery to have the resources and support necessary to achieve it.


The Racial Equity Advisory Committee also awarded honorariums to organizations that completed a full application for funding but were declined. 


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