Looking Ahead at Community Schools in 2023
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Looking Ahead at Community Schools in 2023

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Dr. Jill Biden and Governor Tony Evers meet with Westside Academy

January 24, 2023

On this International Day of Education, we explore our Milwaukee Community School Partnership with Glenn Carson.

Written in collaboration with: Glenn Carson, Milwaukee Community School Partnership Director

“As an MPS alumni, I have a personal connection and want to see the success of the district and its students.”

When Glenn Carson returned to United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County in the summer of 2022, he knew that good things were ahead. Having previously been the Community School Coordinator at Hopkins-Lloyd Community School, he brought academic support to the school through Homework Diners. He also helped address the school and community’s need for fresh fruits and vegetables by partnering with the Pick 'n Save Mobile Market to provide monthly visits. During Glenn’s time as the community school coordinator, Hopkins-Lloyd Community School saw an increase in their overall state report card from 48 in 2015 to 61 in 2019.Glenn Carson, Milwaukee Community School Partnership Director

“I see myself in so many of the children in our community schools,” he said, “I do what I do because I know the benefits a community school would’ve had on my own education, but also the current need for them in today’s challenging times.”

Before returning to the Milwaukee Community School Partnership, Glenn spent seven months with the YMCA of Metro Milwaukee as the Senior Director of Teen Programming, where he led their YMCA Teen Achiever program and help draft their Boys and Young Men of Color program. And now as the Milwaukee Community School Partnership Director, he is excited to see students in our community flourish even more.

Education is a human right and offers a path to a promising future for many. Glenn’s vision is reflective of this and is further invested in student growth.

“As we go into this new year, my vision for our partnership is to see our schools continue to thrive and grow in shared leadership, equity, and cultural relevance. We will work to strengthen our schools and provide the support they need through our model. My vision is that as we grow in quantity, we also grow in quality, ensuring all our students, schools, families, and staff have the resources and partnerships that will allow them to improve student success in all areas. Through our supplemental professional development opportunities for staff, continued growth of student leadership through our community school youth councils, strengthening our community school’s leadership teams, and a host of other opportunities provided through our model, I am confident my vision will become reality.

I hope to hold not only myself to a higher expectation, but also our partners and team as well. Our students and families deserve our best and we will give them that. Going into this new year, I am excited to see the continued hard work from our team and growth and improvement of our schools.”

United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County is thrilled that Glenn is back to lead our Milwaukee Community School Partnership, and we can’t wait to see what the future brings!

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Pictured at top: left-to-right, Westside Academy Community School Coordinator Jennifer Langoehr, First lady Jill Biden, Gov. Tony Evers and Wisconsin first lady Kathy Evers, Glenn Carson, and Westside Academy Principal Renee Drane; at right: Glenn Carson, Milwaukee Community School Partnership Director.


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