Milwaukee Community School Partnership Appreciation Event
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Milwaukee Community School Partnership Appreciation Event

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MCSP Appreciation Event

June 1, 2023

The Milwaukee Community School Partnership Appreciation Event celebrated the hard work and achievements of our partners, staff, and students.

Written by: Briana Fox, Community Schools K-8 Manager

It was a night filled with art, dance, food, awards, and celebration.Attendees enjoying food at the event.

The event kicked off with a warm welcome from our Director, Glenn Carson, and Community Impact Vice President, Nicole Angresano, who emphasized the importance of community engagement and  collaboration in promoting student success. Next, we heard from former community school coordinator and MCSP Director, Dr. Ryan Hurley. He spoke of how people drive the work to create a movement, "The courage to stand up in the face of what some days feel like impossible circumstances, the joy, and celebration of each other, nights like tonight, and the refusal to be complacent because of a deep understanding of what is at stake." 

After his address, Dr. Ryan Hurley was presented with the Community School "Jedi Master" Vision Award for his work in implementing and growing the community schools in Milwaukee. 


Students attending the event.

We presented awards to our outstanding partners, youth councils, staff, and committees who have generously supported community Community school School work throughout the year. Each awardee received a plaque recognizing their work improving their school community. It was heartening to see so many members of our community coming together to support our community.

One of the highlights of the event was the incredible showcase of talent from our students. We were treated to breathtaking dance performances, poetry, apparel designs, and stunning art displays all created by students at Milwaukee Community Schools. It was clear that our students poured their hearts and souls into their work, and we were honored to witness their creativity and passion. 

Performances by students at the event.
The event was a testament to the power of community and the impact that we can have when we work together. We are incredibly grateful for everyone who made this event possible, from our partners and community school coordinators to our talented students. We look forward to continuing to work together to support our students and build a stronger, more vibrant community.

Thank you to everyone who attended and made this event such a success! 




Award Recipients

Heart Love Place - North Division High School
Community Partner: Individual or organization of the year; has demonstrated a commitment to go above and beyond to support a Community School or Community Schools

Ms. Marissa Meier - Zablocki Community School
For the Culture: School committee or individual (staff, teacher, administrator) that demonstrated a commitment to Culturally Responsive Practices

Browning Bulldogs Youth Council - Browning Elementary School 
Future is Now - Elem./Middle School: School recognized for active youth leadership council

Madison Youth Council - James Madison Academic Campus 
Future is Now - High School: School recognized for active youth leadership council

Jennifer Collins - North Division High School
I Am Because We Are: School committee or individual (staff, teacher, administrator) that demonstrated a commitment to Restorative Practices

 Auer Avenue Community School - Auer Avenue School
Our Story: Effective communication of school-based priority; what it means to be a Community School

Browning Community School Leadership Team - Browning Community School 
United We Lead: School with strong Community School Leadership Team; demonstrated success

 Homework Diners - Westside Academy
Village Strong: School recognized for active family leadership council or family engagement initiative

Big Dragons, Little Dragons - Grantosa Drive Elementary
We Not Me: School committee/team recognized for successful initiative and demonstrated impact

Dr. Ryan Hurley
Community School  "Jedi Master" Vision Award


Awardees at the event.

See more photos of the event here.


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