Volunteer Center Request Form
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United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County

Volunteer Center Request Form

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To request use of this space, please fill out the form below. A United Way representative will respond within 5 business days.;

You must be a United Way Program Partner/Initiative Partner to reserve.(see if eligible)

Contact Name (Organizer):

Contact Email (Organizer):

Contact Phone (Organizer):

Event/Meeting Facilitator Name (Individual onsite the day of meeting):

Description of Organization:

Organization Address:

Event/Meeting Name:

Event/Meeting Description:

Estimated Attendance:
ie. 5, 10, 20 etc.

Event/Meeting Date:
If requesting multiple dates please separate dates with commas, ie. mm/dd/yyy, mm/dd/yyy

Event/Meeting Start Time:
Earliest time an event can start is 9:00AM

Event/Meeting End Time:
Latest time an event can end is 3:30PM

Event/Meeting Setup Time: (Time meeting facilitator will arrive to prepare for meeting):
ie. 2:45PM

Day-of–Event Optional Items (included for fee): Fees will be assessed and included in your service agreement, see FAQ for room fees. Please check any optional items to be included with your event reservation.

Coffee Service: Coffee provided in the room for the event. ($10 per carafe/per 10 people)

Water: Bottle water provided in the room for the event ($0.25/bottle)

Special instructions for event setup/Room reconfiguration fee: If a special meeting room set-up is required of the United Way Operations team, a $50/hour fee will be assessed.

Day-of-Event (Special Requirements): Please check or indicate any items to be included in your event reservation.

AV Needs (Audio/Media/Computer): Each room is equipped with PC with internet connection, USB connection, and projector. Please describe any additional special AV requirements.

Food or catering service: If you plan to order food delivery or catering for your event, please provide the name of the restaurant, caterer, delivery service or if not known, the name of the facilitator.

Handicap Accessible Accommodations: All facilities are accessible for people with physical disabilities. To ensure that room setup and other logistical arrangements will accommodate all attendees, please describe any additional required accommodations.

Media/press coverage: Is this event to be covered by local media or/and included in a press release?