Ascension Seton Dental Clinic
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United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County

Ascension Wisconsin Foundation

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Agency Program Partner, Health, Health Improvement Fund
Angel of Hope Clinic, Dental Care for Uninsured, Healthy Teeth for Children, Restorative Care Program

A United Way partner since 2006.

Funded Programs

Angel of Hope Clinic: This clinic aims to deliver primary health care services including immunizations, chronic disease management and follow up care as needed. (Health Improvement Fund)

Dental Care for Uninsured: Providing urgent dental care, restorative care, children’s dentistry, the largest school-based oral health program in Wisconsin, and a prenatal oral health program. (Health Improvement Fund)

Restorative Care Program: Ensures access to quality oral healthcare services for children and adults with limited income. (Health)

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