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United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County

Billboard Recognition

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Companies participating in a workplace giving campaign or making a corporate gift are eligible for billboard recognition.

  • Each company is featured for one week on three to five digital billboards located on major area freeways.*
  • During that week, your company’s name will appear approximately 300-600 times.
  • Value: Up to $4,000

Sample Billboard


Request Form

Keep it short to make your name pop. A company can list up to 28 characters; the longer your name the less legible it becomes.

Avoid extra words. A billboard is designed to get people to recognize you quickly, and we recommend avoiding "Inc." or "LLP." We're happy to feature your legal name in print communication, but encourage you to make it consumer-friendly for the billboard.

Use your brand name. For example, Weyco Group Inc. know their customers recognize them as Florsheim Shoes.

*Due to driver safety, specific billboard locations will not be disclosed. Locations are chosen by the billboard companies.

Company name exactly as it should appear on the billboard:
(Remember: only 28 characters will fit, and the less characters the better. Please be mindful of which characters need to be uppercase and lowercase.)

Approved By:

First Name

Last Name




   I would like to recieve a digital image of my billboard to share with employees or customers.

Billboard Locations

Milwaukee County
Greenfield @ 16th facing South
Hwy 100 @ Bluemound facing North
Hwy 100 @ Bluemound facing South
I-41 @ Silver Spring facing North
I-41 @ Silver Spring facing South
I-43 @ North facing South
I-43 @ Hampton facing North
I-43 @ Hampton facing South
I-43 @ Juneau facing North
I-43 @ Hwy 100 facing West
I-43 @ Hwy 100 facing East
I-43 @ Walnut facing South
I-43/94 @ Rosedale facing South
I-94 @ Hwy 100 facing West
I-94 @ Oklahoma facing North
I-94 @ Oklahoma facing South
I-94 @ 20th facing West
I-94 @ 20th facing East
I-94 @ National facing North
I-94 @ Washington facing South
I-94 @ 13th facing East
I-94 @ Oklahoma facing North
I-94 @ 25th facing East
I-94 @ Hwy 41 facing East
I-94 @ 14th & St Paul facing East
I-94 @ 84th facing East
I-94 @ 84th facing West
I-94 @ College facing South
I-794 @ Potter facing North
I-794 @ 6th St facing West
I-894 @ I-94 facing North
I-894 @ I-94 facing South
I-894 @ Oklahoma facing North
I-894 @ Oklahoma facing South
I-894 @ 60th facing West
I-894 @ 60th facing East
Miller Pkwy @ National facing North
Oakland @ North facing North
Stadium Frwy @ State facing North
Zoo Frwy @ Silver Spring facing North
Zoo Frwy @ Silver Spring facing South

Waukesha County
Hwy 41 @ Hwy 145 facing North
Hwy 41 @ Hwy 145 facing South
Hwy 164 @ Greenfield facing South
I-94 @ Hwy 16 facing East
I-94 @ Hwy 16 facing West

Ozaukee County
Hwy W @ Pioneer facing North 

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