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Tech for Good Marketplace

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Tech for Good Marketplace (T4GMP) strives to match United Way agency partners in need with Technology United Guest CIOs and industry volunteers to facilitate impactful technology projects.

Many of Technology United's members have worked with nonprofits for several years. From that experience, it is clear that a concise and targeted technology plan executed with the guidance of industry experts has a tremendous impact on a nonprofit's ability to deliver its mission. Technology United created the Tech for Good Marketplace to efficiently facilitate those connections.

T4GMP begins by matching your organization with one of our Guest CIOs to perform a Technology Assessment. The technology assessment includes the essential factors that determine your organization's likely ability to execute technology projects aligned to your goals. The assessment includes:

  • Gathering a view of the technical inventory of your organization – everything from the Internet connection to where you host your website
  • Determining the maturity level of various technical systems and processes in the organization using our Assessment Rubric
  • Establishing a view of your organization's current technology state and articulating a shared view of a possible technical future state
  • Providing a prioritized list of actionable projects to move from the current state towards the future state.

With the assessment complete, T4GMP will align pro bono resources from a variety of sources in the Greater Milwaukee area to one or more of the prioritized projects. Those resources will begin by providing a detailed project plan, and in some cases, provide guidance and assistance implementing a project. Finally, a brief retrospective report on how the process went for your organization completes that project. Your organization may request help with one or multiple projects spread over time and in alignment with T4GMP's pro bono resources.


Additional Resources

Technology related funding opportunities may exist through our Techquity Initiative. Learn more on our Funding Opportunities page.