Diversity Leadership Society Holiday Shopping Blog 2021
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Diversity Leadership Society Holiday Shopping Blog 2021

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Image of hands holding a wrapped gift. Image of hands holding a wrapped gift. 


November 19, 2021

Support local makers while picking up unique, beautiful, and delicious gifts for friends and family this holiday season. Members of the Diversity Leadership Society council shared a few of their favorite local Black owned businesses with us below. Learn more about the Diversity Leadership Society here. Happy shopping! 

At Peace Design 
3536 W Fond Du Lac Ave, Milwaukee (inside Sherman Phoenix) 

“I had the honor of watching the amazing Pam McCreary think through the concept of her business and building it around the concept that everyone should have inner peace – and then watching her business grow to a Milwaukee go-to brand. It’s a favorite place for me to shop for the holiday season because her shop is full of items that are in a ‘gifty’ price range for the holidays AND I can help spread peace.”
Kaaren Neuendorf, Northwestern Mutual 

Confectionately Yours Bakery by Adija Smith 
3536 W Fond Du Lac Ave, Milwaukee (inside Sherman Phoenix) 

“Everything I’ve ever tried and ordered from this small business has been delicious and my kids and family remark at how great everything tastes. Everything is homemade and the quality is definitely fabulous.” Samantha Maldonado, Kohl’s 

“Adija is a rockstar baker. She's as good as it gets, and she has a great business.” Greg Marshal, CI Design Inc 

Funky Fresh Spring Rolls 
3536 W Fond Du Lac Ave, Milwaukee (inside Sherman Phoenix) 

"It's one of the best thriving Black-owned businesses here in Milwaukee and is geared towards healthy eating for people in the community. Delicious!” Jakeim Jackson, Milwaukee Bucks 

Good Shot Cory 

“People can hire Cory to shoot videos and photographs for businesses or families.”  Greg Marshal, CI Design Inc 

JazzyRae’ Jewels & Accessories 
4307 W. Vliet Street, Milwaukee 

“JazzyRae’ clothing and accessories are chic, classy and timeless.  The owner JRae Antionette will help to get you right for any event or occasion. She knows her business and her customers.  I’m sure there will be incredible finds for the holidays.” DeVona Wright Cottrell, GMR Marketing 

Mr. Dye’s Pies 

“As Mr. Dye’s trademark logo states, ‘What are Grandmas gonna do now?’ These are the best pies around! You will be the MVP of your holiday gatherings when you bring a pie from Mr. Dye. I love the classic – truly the best sweet potato pie on earth. But if you want to turn heads, try the Purple Monster, made with Okinawan purple yam. The specialty pies are ever changing, and I haven’t met one I haven’t loved yet!" 
Michele Matthai, Rockwell Automation 

Sherman Phoenix 
3536 W Fond Du Lac Ave, Milwaukee 

"When you walk in the Sherman Phoenix it’s like going home! Whether you are in the mood for some Lush Popcorn, or a Funky Fresh Spring Roll, or you need to pick up a gift from Queens Closet, or Kujichagulia Producers Cooperative, you will find what you need and enjoy the family culture.” Ron Adams, Northwestern Mutual 

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