Pride United Holiday Shopping Guide 2021
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Pride United Holiday Shopping Guide 2021

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November 17, 2021

Use your dollar to support local Queer owned businesses this holiday season! Members of the Pride United council recommend some of the local shops and restaurants where they’ll be
purchasing gifts this year.

Interested in learning more about Pride United, United Way’s newest donor network? Click here. Happy shopping!  

315 E Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee 

“Tasty, delicious, and unique, the restaurant Amilinda -- drawing from the flavors of Spain and Portugal -- is owned by the amazingly talented Chef Gregory Leon. I've never had a meal there that I didn't like!”  
Angela Quigley, Married In Milwaukee 

The Bronzeville Collective MKE 
339 W North Ave, Milwaukee 

“The Bronzeville Collective is a collaborative Milwaukee boutique featuring over 25 Black, Brown, and Queer makers and creatives. Both the online and physical storefront on the corner of Vel Phillips and North Ave. across from the Black Holocaust Museum sell a huge range of unique, local, and handmade products including jewelers, apparel, candles, soaps, body scrubs and more. Owners and anchor brands Papyrus & Charms, FlyBlooms, and Distinctive Designs truly embody the ethic ‘Collaboration Works.’” Kyle Pfister, Ninjas for Health 

Luci Boutique 
215 W Florida St, Milwaukee 

“Super cute and crazy affordable women's apparel! Support this locally owned LGBTQ+ business by buying clothing, gifts, gift cards, or getting yourself a little something special for the holiday season.”
Angela Quigley, Married In Milwaukee.  

MKE Black 

“MKE Black is a curated directory of 600+ Black owned businesses in the greater Milwaukee area. The website and mobile app celebrate and promote Black businesses, events, culture, and achievement. MKE Black serves as a one stop shop for locals and tourists to discover and shop at more Black-owned businesses this holiday season.” Kyle Pfister, Ninjas for Health 

Moxie Food + Drink 
501 E Silver Spring Dr, Whitefish Bay

“Moxie’s food and service is always fantastic, especially the seafood. They even safely catered our small wedding in the middle of a global pandemic.” Casey Renn, United Way 

Ono Kine Grindz 
7215 W North Ave, Wauwatosa 

“A gift card to Ono Kine Grindz could be a perfect little gift for the holidays — especially for anyone living in the Wauwatosa area. It's a great local (although actually Hawaiian) restaurant perfect for takeout, and the menu is so unique that there's plenty of new dishes to explore.” Nate Koch, Kohl’s 

“Ono Kine Grindz is the Milwaukee area's top spot for authentic Hawaiian food. Owned by self-proclaimed "uncles" Guy and David, this LGBTQ+ owned business is available for carry out, intimate dine in, and they have extensive catering options for your holiday parties and beyond. Generous portion sizes served with love, OKG's food is unlike anything you'll find in Milwaukee.” Angela Quigley, Married In Milwaukee 

Outkast Alterations 
N88 W16599, Main St, Menomonee Falls 

“Outkast Alterations in Menominee Falls tailors clothing for all genders, sizes, and identities to ensure everyone is comfortable in their clothing. Owners TJ Yaag and Tou Fong are Wisconsin’s first Hmong American LGBTQ+ business owners.” Kyle Pfister, Ninjas for Health 
Trouble & Sons Pizzeria 
133 E Silver Spring Dr, Whitefish Bay 

“Trouble & Sons has a warm cozy vibe perfect for the holidays. They are known for their pizza, but their other menu items and great wine list do not disappoint!” Casey Renn, United Way 

Unordinary Omen Floristry 

“Get your custom holiday floral decor from local and LGBTQ+ owned Unordinary Omen Floristry. UOF came to fruition from owners Aaron and Nic’s desire to showcase queer representation in a multifaceted industry where creative abilities are being expanded on, respected, and held at an equal standard. They are so talented!” Angela Quigley, Married In Milwaukee 


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