House & Home Kit
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United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County

Multiple homes on a street.

House & Home Kit

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Engage your team in a volunteer project from wherever you are! The House & Home Kit packing project brings volunteers together to create packages of much-needed supplies for any new home.

The Impact

While moving into a place of your own can be an exciting time, the stress of change can take a toll. This is especially true for individuals that have transitioned between different living situations and are finally settling into a place of their own. House & Home Kits go to those individuals and families to help alleviate that stress and provide them with much needed supplies to turn their new house into a safe and comfortable home. Kits may include cleaning products, disinfectant wipes, trash bags, paper products, and more.

House and Home: Kitchen Focused Kit includes:  
Dish Towel 
Oven Mitt 
Dish Soap 
Trash Bags 
Paper Towels 
Clorox Cleaner Wipes 
Can Opener 
Resable Grocery Bag
Resource Card


House and Home: Bathroom Focused Kit includes:  
Bath Towel 
Hand Towel 
Toilet Paper 
Laundry Detergent 
Clorox Cleaner Wipes 
Shower Curtain with rings 
Liquid Hand Soap 
Laundry Bag 
Resource Card 

This project impacts the following in our community:

  • Individuals and families transitioning from shelter into their own homes.
  • Men, women, and children living in transitional housing and shelters.

Quantities and Sponsorship Prices

House and Home: Kitchen Focused Kit (100): $2,020.00
House and Home: Kitchen Focused Kit (150): $2,610.00
House and Home: Kitchen Focused Kit (200): $3,050.00

House and Home: Bathroom Focused Kit (100): $2,760.00
House and Home: Bathroom Focused Kit (150): $3,870.00   
House and Home: Bathroom Focused Kit (200): $4,320.00


Fill out the Project Request Form or contact Ivette via email​​​​​​​ or at 414.837.3477.