Snack Pack Kit
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United Way of Greater Milwaukee & Waukesha County

Landmark Credit Union employees holding a group of brown bags they just packed with snacks

Snack Pack Kit

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Engage your team in a fun and meaningful volunteer project from wherever you are! The Snack Pack opportunity brings volunteers together to pack healthy snack packs for children, teens, and adults throughout our community.

The Impact

When a student has to worry about where their next meal is going to come from, it can be difficult for them to focus in school.  If an adult is hungry while at work, their decision making can be affected by distractions of hunger. A snack pack decorated with words of encouragement and filled with brain food can be a simple way you can help a people succeed.

Adult Snack Packs includes:  
  • Iced Tea 
  • Freeze Dried Fruit 
  • Cheese Whisps 
  • Popped Corn Snacks 
  • Pretzels 
  • Wheat Thins 
  • Nature Valley Bars 
  • Fruit and Nut Mix 
  • Dried Mango 
Youth Snack Packs includes:  
  • Juice 
  • Freeze Dried Fruit 
  • Apple Sauce 
  • Popped Corn Snacks 
  • Cheeze Ritz Bitz 
  • Teddy Gram Crackers 
  • Nature Valley Bards 
  • Fruit Snacks 

This project impacts the following in our community:

  • Youth and adults residing in or receiving services from local emergency shelters.
  • Youth enrolled in educational programs geared towards underserved or low-income populations.
  • Students at a Milwaukee Community School.
  • Adults enrolled in adult day care centers.

Quantities and Sponsorship Prices

Adult Snack Pack Kit (100): $1,690.00
Adult Snack Pack Kit (150): $2,150.00
Adult Snack Pack Kit (200): $2,560.00

Youth Snack Pack Kit (100): $1,270.00
Youth Snack Pack Kit (150): $1,550.00
Youth Snack Pack Kit (200): $1,790.00


Fill out the Project Request Form or contact Ivette via email​​​​​​​ or at 414.837.3477.